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The air is feeling pretty autumnal out there. Finally.

I think I’m done researching UMPCs. I don’t think that they’re what I need. Originally I thought it would be great to have a small computer to take with me when I go out. The plan was to put Ubuntu or Mandriva on it and mess around with Linux. However I’m not sure where I’d take a laptop – certainly not to work where it’s likely to get damaged or broken; I don’t travel enough to warrant a “travel computer”; and when I do travel, taking a regular sized laptop isn’t an issue.

They also don’t have enough power to do the things I can’t do on my home (Linux) computer. I already have a non-dual-core, minimal-RAM with Linux box to fool around with; why do I need another? Especially when I barely use it (because it’s really quite slow to surf with, the poor thing is a dinosaur).

I think I just wanted one for the “cool factor”.

On further research I think I’m going to go with a Dell XPS M1530 Product (Red) edition.


  • Lots of RAM (4GB)
  • Large HDD (200GB)
  • Faster HDD (7200 RPM)
  • Dual-core processor
  • Better video card (NVIDIA GeForce)
  • Big screen (15.4″ wide-screen with the super-HD awesome thing)
  • Has an optical drive
  • According to the Mandriva Linux forum, Mandriva works with minimal issues (video driver and wireless, of course)
  • Windows: I can play the (few) PC games that I like


  • The Windows is Vista (though I’d dual-boot or scrub the Windows and keep the license “just in case”)
  • The downgrade to XP is too expensive
  • It’s not cute and tiny
  • It doesn’t come in the colour or pattern I really like
  • The fingerprint scanner is silly

There you have it. I must not be a real geek, then. Oh well.


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