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So the Xubuntu install is gone. Critical parts of my desktop kept crashing (Thunar), and neither Paul or I could find a fix for it. So off we went in search of something else. I quickly found out that my only options were Mandriva, which I’ve used before as a Live CD on my desktop, Debian, and Yellow Dog Linux.

The first thing I saw when I went over to the Mandriva forum was this notice:

Mandriva’s PowerPC port is unmaintained and unusable: we recommend Yellow Dog Linux, Debian, or Ubuntu for PowerPC systems.

Okay…moving on…

Debian offered version 3.1 (“Sarge”) which was released in 2005. Eek.

So Yellow Dog it was. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was developed for PowerPCs.

The installation process was pretty paianless, compared to what I’ve been through with Xubuntu. The only hiccup I’ve encountered so far is getting wireless working (huh, imagine that). But I can view websites with Flash (although not Youtube, hmm) which is better than (x)ubuntu. And – I just inadvertently found out that suspend works! Whoo!


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