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…but I have wfi, even though I’ve gone week without it. I thought that the AirPort Extreme card needed to have some firmware added, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to work.

Tonight I went back through the support documentation, which says:

With YDL v.6.1, getting online is effortless with little to no pre-configuration steps when you use the Wicd Network Manager to automatically detect wireless networks.

  1. Launch the Wicd Network Manager:

    YDL Menu ==> Applications ==> Internet ==> Wicd Network Manager

  2. To set a preferred network, select the Automatically connect to this network checkbox.
  3. Simply click the Connect button and you are connected.

Note that Apple devices require the addition of firmware beforehand. See the HOWTOs for specific assistance with configuration.

As of YDL v5.0 and forward, Apple’s AirPort Extreme is supported.

It was that last line that I missed. Everything above it made me think I had to download firmware (as I did for Xubuntu).Oh well, c’est la vie; and I can surf from the comfort of the couch again.

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