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I’ve been doing more reading about UMPCs. In actual fact, I think I’m a little obsessed. I’ve been awaiting the launch of the Dell-E, aka the “mini Inspiron”. It was supposed to launch yesterday, but now I hear it’s going to launch September 4th. For all the excitement around it – rumour is that is has a crappy slow SSD.

I’m leaning towards the EEE pc 1000H. I’m not keen on the SSD’s lifespan and heftier price. I wish the HDD version came with Xandros (it ships with XP) because Ubuntu doesn’t work all that great, even with all the kernel-hacking that’s being done. I’ve been reading about Mandriva, and from what I can understand it has the least amount of issues with the 1000. It works right out of the box for the EEE pc 700/701; the developers just didn’t realize that Asus was going to unleash a billion EEE pc models.


I have a lot of different interests that wax, wane, shift, and occasionally get replaced.

Right now I’m crazy about sub-notebooks. I wanted an eeePC 701, but decided to wait (well actually, was persuaded to wait by Paul) for the 900 or 901 series. And now, HP has launched its rival, the HP 2133 Mini-Note and next month the MSI Wind will be released. And other companies have releases unofficially scheduled for late summer.

Now I’m driving myself crazy comparing all of them. Argh.